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About PSCC

About Us:

A diverse group of cricket enthusiasts mostly working at Microsoft and T-Mobile established Sarfarosh cricket team in the year 2006. This group of cricket aficionados was roped in to provide facilities and opportunities to the growing cricket talent in the geeky south Asian community. Besides, it was truly dedicated to the continuous growth of cricket by displaying cricket talent in the local cricket leagues; the group also upheld the spirit of the game by bringing in true fitness awareness in the community.

Having played good deal of cricket in the very first season of formation, the interest and energy levels of players drove them to reach the playoffs. Apart from the fact that the players lost a closely contested semi-final, they competed at high level and endorsed their established presence in the domain of cricket. The next year was a bit tough as some of our superb players who truly represented the team were gone and Sarfarosh cricket team was finding it difficult to stay alive.

The team has come a long way from its uncertain beginnings to become one of the strongest members of local American Recreation Cricket League (ARCL). Under the umbrella of a new captain and a revamped team in the year 2009, Sarfarosh received overmuch accolades on reaching to the runners up position in the Summer League. Since then, Sarfarosh has been thriving on to create competitiveness and to guarantee sustainable development in players and the game level. Catching enough cricket talent to make the trip to ultimate cricket success, Sarfarosh clawed its way back by forming second team Sarfarosh Elite in the year 2012. Both these teams displayed their sensible cricket obsession by competing in the local American Recreation Cricket League (ARCL), which is played with a hard tennis ball.

After this, Sarfarosh rekindled its old flame under a different team name Seattle Patriots for the Northwest Cricket League (NWCL) that is played with a hard leather ball. The team continued to grow the game with the formation of PSCC (Pugent Sound Cricket Club). The PSCC (Pugent Sound Cricket Club) has now its established presence in the cricket community and new players are springing up every year with a common goal of presenting a solid platform for the team. The Broader goals of PSCC (Pugent Sound Cricket Club) is to bring in real talent to revitalize great cricket moments in US and to align its mission to work in close partnership with USACA in near future and to be pioneers of introducing youth cricket in Puget Sound area.