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Cricket in USA


A Brief History of US Cricket

USA can boast about the fact that their cricket history began in early 18th century with a celebrated moment of colonial pomposity. After establishing early cricket clubs in USA in 1700’s, Americans made their first appearance in England. One of the founding fathers of United States Benjamin Franklin put together first rules of cricket in 1744. Many prominent American figures emerged as great cricketers and cricket went on to become the main refreshment of free time. He was second president of United States John Adams, who argued in 1780’s that why the leader of the American nation could not be called as Presidents when the leaders of cricket clubs could be named ‘Presidents’.

A huge cricket noise was being heard all over the United States especially when cricket grew on the east coast by many fabulous teams including St. Georges of New York. US played against Canada in 1844 and held the distinction of being a participant in the first international cricket match. In that match, players from St. Georges Cricket Club (Nicknamed Dragonslayers) and players from Philadelphia represented USA internationally.

Baseball and cricket were too similar to live together on the main stage but cricket commotion went out-of-control in 1860 when US was holding about ten thousand cricketers playing at 125 cities. The best cricketing heyday was observed after the American civil war when 10,000 spectators watched the first annual Canada vs. USA at Bloomingdale Park in New York.

US recognize 1880-1920 as their golden age of cricket era. Cricket events were prominently covered by New York Clipper and numerous other famous publications. Cricket in US fell into dark ages by the formation of Imperial Cricket Conference ICC that came with a biased policy of not admitting members from outside the British Empire or Commonwealth. Despite the fact that seeds of cricket destruction were being sown by the formation of ICC, cricket was being kept alive by many dedicated clubs who kept on operating through thick and thin in the mid-twentieth century. After the reversal of ICC Cricket Policy in 1965, US Cricket team played its first tournament in 1979. In 2004, Americans saw their team playing the first first-class match on US soil and United States of America qualified for the ICC trophy after a remarkable win in the Six Nations Event.

Nowadays, cricket is being played in all the 50 US states. Despite the fact that US Cricket Association was suspended twice by the ICC in the last five years due to administrative incompetence, USA still has the potential to become a major international player. Nowadays, US Cricket Association is organizing big matches and we think that it is the right and favourable time to target cricket growth in US especially the highly attractive format of Twenty20 cricket. If effectively marketed and organized, cricket can definitely find its place in the culture ruled by NASCAR, Basketball, Baseball, and football.