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PSCC Youth Cricket


PSCC with a central aim of driving and introducing youth cricket in Pugent zone:

Being an ardent fan of cricket, we strongly believe in encouraging the children from tough urban zones to play cricket. Surprizingly, there is no cricket for youth in Pugent Sound region despite efforts to re-invent cricket all over US in recent years. We have also observed that youngsters are turned off by cricket due to the non-seriousness of US cricket organizers. Cricket has undergone boring series of makeovers all around US; still youth in Pugent Sound region has no hope to peg a permanent spot in cricket game. The situation is pretty bleak as no funds are tickling in from the government and sponsorship taps have been dried up as well.

PSCC (Pugent Sound Cricket Club) has come in with a coordinated approach to rescue youth cricket in Pugent Sound region and to bring all young talent under one platform. Being a pioneer in starting youth cricket club, we are truly leading the efforts in this respect. We want to get cricket bats back in the hands of our youth and to give them hope that they can play better and position themselves to rise to international prominence.

In PSCC (Pugent Sound Cricket Club), every member is working from the same playbook and sharing a unified support network to bring real youth talent into limelight. Our representatives are working with the sole and specific responsibility of developing and promoting youth cricket in Pugent Sound zone. We strongly believe that this is not a task to be left to chance because giving youth much exposure and sound cricketing opportunities is the only way to create a winning USA team for the future.

PSCC (Pugent Sound Cricket Club) is truly committed to supporting the local government in the identification of young cricket talent and including as many youngsters from the Pugent area as possible. Not only we support the provision of opportunities for young talent, we also ensure about the presence of a firm structure of competition vital for the development of the players. We offer them different forms of cricket closer to that of local competitions and also that of internationally representative cricket.

Above all, PSCC (Pugent Sound Cricket Club) has a future plan to become member of USYCA (United States Youth Cricket Association) to articulate their broad-based vision for youth sports. By having such a strong vision, vigor, and central aim of driving and improving youth cricket in Pugent zone, we can make this dream become reality very soon.